Badger & Co.


Vikings (RPS as the client side PM)




Managing Contractor

  • Coordination with StakeholdersCoordination with Stakeholders
  • Sustainability ConsiderationsSustainability Considerations
  • High Quality FinishesHigh Quality Finishes

Located in the heart of the new ANU Kambri Court Precinct, Badger & Co. offers academic staff, students and the broader Canberra community a new central dining experience.

The fit out involved:

  • high quality finishes to be installed with significant attention to detail
  • technically complex delivery due to the project location
  • specialist trades required for the works.

Careful consideration was given to project scheduling as the surrounding precinct was still under construction while tenancy works were being completed. The sustainability of the fit out was also considered extensively at every stage of the tenancy construction, resulting in a fitout with an ecological footprint 36% less than the industry average.