We strive to deliver outstanding service, to our clients and their projects, our community and employees.


After raising over $21,000 in 2021, AMA Projects are pleased to announce the continuation of OzHelp Foundation (OzHelp) as our charity partner for 2022. Health and wellbeing of employees is strongly valued within the culture of AMA Projects. To reinforce this commitment, throughout 2021 the AMA Projects team are raising much needed funds to support suicide prevention initiatives and health promotion programs led by OzHelp for Australia’s most at risk workers for suicide.

We believe the partnership with OzHelp directly aligns with our company values and are excited at the opportunity to support a charity that does such fantastic work nationally to help support mentally healthy workplaces in Australia’s high-risk industries.

The charity partnership allows OzHelp to get more boots on the ground, right where the resources are needed the most, whilst also raising awareness of the risk of suicide and impact of mental health in the construction industry. AMA Projects has also pledged to promote the benefits of health and wellbeing in its workplace and encourage employees to look out for each other and access support if needed.

AMA Projects are proud Silver Sponsors of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) ACT and what they strive to achieve – advocating, promoting and championing women in the construction industry. AMA Projects have a number of staff who sit on the Chapter Committee and champion NAWIC events and initiatives throughout the workplace.

As our founding Victorian office grows, AMA Projects are excited to partner with one of Australia’s oldest AFL clubs, The Melbourne University Blacks, with which we share a number of core values, including the high-level of value and support that we place on our people. The Blacks have a vibrant past player network that serves to connect players beyond their playing days and assists with career mentoring, job and business opportunities and a spirit of collaboration and reciprocity to drive business opportunities with values sponsors and supporters.

Diversity & Inclusion

AMA Projects takes pride in ensuring an inclusive work environment exists where employees feel that they are valued, given recognition for their contribution to the Company’s success, and benefit from an environment that fosters good working relationships. Our belief in respecting each other at all times is one of our core company values.

At AMA Projects we are committed to supporting a diverse workforce where we employ individuals from a wide range of different backgrounds. We actively encourage our people to share their own unique perspectives and ideas to move our organisation forward in a positive direction. Our people are at the heart of everything we do and we’re committed to ensuring that all current and future employees have access to equal opportunities and are treated with the same amount of respect, and feel comfortable to be themselves. We’ve worked hard to create a truly supportive and collaborative working environment to produce high quality outcomes for our clients.

Modern Slavery

The Modern Slavery Act 2018 requires all Australian businesses to ensure that their direct operations and their supply chains are free from the exploitation of human rights by ensuring no form of modern slavery exists. Modern Slavery is a term used to describe serious exploitation and can occur in every industry and sector with dire consequences for victims. As an organisation, AMA Projects commits to ensuring all basic freedoms are honoured by taking the necessary steps to guarantee an operation and a supply chain free from any form of modern slavery. Freedom from slavery is a human right, where we will continue to act ethically ensuring transparency and integrity across all aspects of our business.


We take our impact on the environment seriously and we have developed a number of tools that allow us to monitor and evaluate our impact on the environment, not just for our clients, but also for our own offices.