Woden Specialist Medical Centre


Woden Specialist Medical Centre




Lump Sum

  • Occupied BuildingOccupied Building
  • After hours worksAfter hours works
  • Staged WorksStaged Works

Woden Specialist Medical Centre required a full building refurbishment to re-purpose the existing 25 year old, three-story office building as a specialist medical centre.

Key aspects of the construction work included:

  • a new main building entrance and entry canopy
  • new lift and lift core and new carpark
  • significant mechanical and electrical upgrades including a new main switchboard
  • redirection of the main sewer line, and the extension of the post tensioned mezzanine slab.
  • construction work commencing with the ground floor tenant occupying the building. As such, noisy works and power shutdowns were performed after hours to minimise impact on tenant operations.

Whilst refurbishment works were occurring, AMA Projects were also engaged to oversee the fitout of the Orthopaedics ACT offices on Level 2 of the same building.