Meet the team – Meet Will, one of our Project Managers

17 Mar 20 Blog 2 min read

Meet Will, one of our Project Managers

Meet the team – Meet Will, one of our Project Managers.

How long have you been with AMA Projects?
I started with AMA just under 3 years ago in May 2017.

What’s your favourite project to date and why?
I’ve really enjoyed most of the projects I’ve worked on, however if I have to pick one it would be the APO fit-out for DFAT as it was a great collaborative effort with detailed and intricate finishes which were a great challenge to deliver!

Why did you get into this industry?
For the ability to drive around with my grandkids and tell them “I built that”. But seriously, it’s a great environment to work in. Everything we do is very tangible so it’s great to see it all the work come together at the end of a project.

What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?
Mainly eating. I also enjoy getting out and making the most of the great hikes and swimming holes around Canberra.

What are you streaming right now and would you recommend it to others?
A recent favourite was Money Heist, and yes definitely.