AMA Projects Support OzHelp to Reach Australia’s Most At-Risk Workers

22 Feb 21 Blog 5 min read

AMA Projects Support OzHelp to Reach Australia’s Most At-Risk Workers

AMA Projects are pleased to announce the OzHelp Foundation (OzHelp) as our charity partner for 2021. Health and wellbeing of employees is strongly valued within the culture of AMA Projects. To reinforce this commitment, throughout 2021 the AMA Projects team are raising much needed funds to support suicide prevention initiatives and health promotion programs led by OzHelp for Australia’s most at risk workers for suicide.

Construction is one of the largest employer sectors throughout Australia, and one of the highest risk sectors for issues related to mental health. Workers in the construction industry are six times as likely to die by suicide than a workplace accident, and in the past 12 months, 21% of workers nationally have taken time off work due to mental-ill health[1].

OzHelp’s suicide prevention initiatives and health promotion programs rely on fundraising and donations to further its work in reaching Australia’s most at risk workers. Through this partnership, AMA Projects aims to reduce the stigma around mental ill-health, promote the benefits of health and wellbeing, encourage employees to look out for each other and to reach out if they need support.

AMA Projects’ National Commercial Manager Mitchell Flynn said he was excited to partner with a charity that shares such strong organisational alignment.

“People are at the heart of everything we do here at AMA Projects. Since the company’s inception in 2010, the Directors have worked hard to create a people-first culture, to foster a positive and engaging work environment for our employees,”

“We actively implement a number of initiatives and procedures in the workplace directly focused to support the mental health and wellbeing of our staff and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health, particularly in a male-dominated industry within the workplace,”

“We believe the partnership with OzHelp directly aligns with our company values and are excited at the opportunity to support a charity that does such fantastic work nationally to help support mentally healthy workplaces in Australia’s high-risk industries.” said Mr Flynn.

OzHelp Chief Operating Officer, Louise Gilmour with AMA Projects National Commercial Manager, Mitchell Flynn

During 2019-20, over 40,000 individuals connected with OzHelp’s services, information, tools, and awareness campaigns. OzHelp’s projects focus within male-dominated workforces where they deliver health checks, workplace wellbeing programs and evidence-based suicide prevention training. Priority industries include building and construction, transport, and farming.

OzHelp Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Louise Gilmour said she is delighted AMA Projects have selected OzHelp as their charity partner for 2021.

“Partnerships like this allow OzHelp to invest in getting more boots on the ground, right where they’re needed most. Sadly, the statistics show there is more work to do in suicide prevention and reaching people early is the key. Increasing awareness of the risk factors, educating on how to stay well even through tough times, and providing proactive supports where and when these cohorts need it is critical.”

“We know reaching out early can save a life and every dollar contributed enables us to provide these much-needed services.” Ms Gilmour said.

By donating to OzHelp, you are supporting an organisation focused on early intervention strategies to prevent suicide, raising awareness about the importance of mental health and wellbeing, and investing in the future physical and mental health of all working age Australians in high-risk sectors.

Get behind the cause and donate here:

If this article has raised concerns for you, help is available. Call OzHelp 1300 694 357, Lifeline 13 11 14, MensLine Australia 1300 789 978, or talk to your GP, local health professional or someone you trust.

AMA Projects are excited at the opportunity to support the OzHelp Foundation and their work nationally to support mentally healthy workplaces in Australia’s high-risk industries.

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About OzHelp: OzHelp is a not-for-profit, leading provider of workplace wellbeing programs specialising in mental health and suicide prevention. OzHelp’s evidence-based, proactive health and wellbeing programs are designed to assist employers to create mentally healthy workplaces by supporting individuals to achieve and maintain their best possible health and wellbeing.

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